Prince of Boredom

On CBC radio today they referred to Andy Warhol as The Prince of Boredom referring to all the repetitions of his silk screens. Photographs taken by someone else and the printing being done by yet someone else. I could name some painters and potters that might be eligible for the title. A prominent West coast wildlife painter that doesn’t even give you a silk screened print but an autographed photo copy. Oh, but it is numbered and signed by said artist.  Honey, darling let’s put a $500 frame on that photocopy! Can we please? Yuck!  Honey, darling you could own a killer Tony Clennell pot for $500 and have money left over to go out for a really nice dinner.  None of that flotsam and jetsam photocopy nonsense allowed here in The Cactus Lounge.
I’m just jealous. I want a multi-million dollar island home.
Mary Philpott and I have been corresponding about some collaborative work for the Sept show. We’re talking “Murder”. Yes, a murder of crows. Perhaps crow knobs, perhaps carved crows on big jars. Perhaps me eating crow which I figure would please some.
I started making some jar bottoms when I got the idea to make some crow’s nest bowls so I made a few wee prototypes on some balls I had to bounce in the studio when the notion of boredom strikes me. Funny thing it never does. I got too much nonsense filling my brain on a daily basis to ever consider boredom.  

If there is a beautiful single rich woman with an amazing kiln that is bored do contact me. Please send pictures of your kiln.


Brenda Neall said…
Love crows .... love your crow bowl, Tony.
I can remember the first tine I ever heard that a famous potter had an assistant to make his pots, albeit done in his style and another where a potter, whose focus was slip decoration, had another potter make all her greenware ... gobsmacked, I was!

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