Critter roast

I'm at the Rat Hole getting ready to roast some critters. There was a tornado and torrential rain storms in Georgia which meant the Ratagama got flooded so Ronnie had to switch on the sump pump to get the water, rats and venomous snakes out of the kiln so we could pack it.
Emma Smith and her husband squeeze Jesse were here when I arrived. Those Canuck students of mine can smell smoke from thousands of miles away.   Steve Driver rolled in from Arkansas in time for dinner. We had a great supper with all the rats and started the load today. Tomorrow it should be loaded and ready to rock and roll.
Here are some shots of Ronnie's pots around the studio. The painted  Rooster eware is not for the Ratagama and the grain silos along the shores of Lake Erie in Buffalo are also destined for low temp painterly finishes.


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