Billy was no slouch!

Last night I went to the opening at Shane Norrie Contemporary of “Groundwork” an exhibition celebrating the clay artists represented by the gallery. Stratford is a town that exudes artistic energy. A small town with 5 independent book stores, a chef school, the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, countless fine dining establishments, pubs, bakeries, chocolate shops,  galleries etc, etc. People that read books, eat fine food, go to live theatre, like a good beer often buy fine craft and art.  Billy Shakespeare knew a good time when he found one. 

It was a stormy nasty night in Stratford but that didn’t stop people coming to the opening. So many in attendance are some of the finest craftspeople in the province and I was happy to be in their good company. My former boss and friend Bruce Cochrane drove 2 hours for the show as did my Colombian drug dealer Ronaldo and his wife Judy Donaldson. Ok Ron deals in good fresh roasted coffee but him being a dealer makes my life seem much more dramatic than it actually is.
Reid Flock is doing some interesting work. Here is one of his upside down ice cream cones. That’s a nice plate of my former classmate Robin Dupont’s on the wall and of course Mary Philpott’s crows all want to form a murder at The Cactus Lounge. Yes, those are my plates looking down on the crows and wishing they would follow me home


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