Dan and I are moving in together!

After a year of considering living together we have finally taken the plunge. My buddy Dan Finnegan and I are going to share a house together in North Carolina. We are doing a 2 month Artist in Residency at STARworks in Star, North Carolina for Jan/Feb 2018.
I’m very excited about our union and working in the community of Seagrove with all the incredible potters in the area. To have Takuro as our clay man is more than I could dream of and to work daily in a hopping clay facility with Dan is dreaming in technacolour. Dan and I are both English trained. I seem to have English hands and an Asian heart.
My two months with Mick Casson in England were a HUGE part of the launching of my career in clay some 35 years ago. I figure this time at Starworks is going to be my second childhood.
It’s not how you start it’s how you finish.
I made some slongs today because I liked the ones that came out of the kiln even though they shivered. Scratch followed me to bed last night. Scratch liked the pots, the surface but hated the top handle. So I’m going to try to scratch the itch with these ones. I also threw some cups. This is to show you that you have to be able to throw tight to throw loose. There is no excuse for sloppy.  I’m excited about living and working with Dan. A nicer guy I have never met and I think we’re gonna bust it outta town.  

Not all those that wander are lost. J.R.R Tolkein


Looking forward to having you back in the Seagrove area next winter!
cookingwithgas said…
You know where we live.
Bill Schran said…
I look forward to a visit with you both!
Was just up at Starworks Ceramics recently - they took me on a tour of their clay making facility and I bought a few of their different clays to try out with my glazes. It's wonderful they locally source their clays.
gz said…
This sounds an interesting combination...looking forward to seeing the work coming out of this!!
smartcat said…
This should be a goodie. I assume there will be many blog posts!
Just a little envious!
John Bauman said…
Sounds great. I may have to find a way to venture down that way for a visit.
Cool... We'll throw some tofu on the grill for y'all.

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