Death by Toilet Paper

I’ve been having virtual negroni’s with the boyzz. Doc in Atlanta he has gone inside on me. He is looking inward at this time of uncertainty in America. He is a very spiritual guy and has been my healer in mind and spirit for several years. He’s saying some deep stuff. Stuff that requires maybe two negroni’s to digest. Dennis in Ohio he has his dukes up. He is in a scrappin’ mood.  At the Korean dinner the other night my friend Donn who just spent 6 weeks at his condo in Florida and I talked of how just crossing the border into Canada you could feel the release
 of stress. We both love America and have many close friends south of 49. My favourite places in the world are in the US.  It is however a time of big stress.
I wonder if the High Priest of Canadian Poetry Leonard Cohen had it all figured out with his awesome song “Democracy is Coming to the USA”?
Change is coming man, I can feel it!
A couple of years ago I made all these boats that were a metaphor for the journey I’ve been on these past half dozen years. Now for some strange reason in the fall I decided to make shields. Protective shields to be mounted on the wall.
I made my first prototype 42” in length before Christmas around the time of the US election. I made it out of clay, fibrefax and 6 rolls of toilet paper. I had it loaded in my electric kiln in the basement and thought hmmm I just might die of inhalation of toilet paper smoke. The worst kind of paper to die from.

I can just see the obit in the local Aylmer Express: He was a strange man who lived alone and didn’t sport camoaflage attire like the local guys. He didn’t go turkey or deer hunting and rumour has it he did pot in the basement of his house. It appears he tried to end his life by burning rolls of TP.


smartcat said…
I love being an American, but once again the government is embarrassing the hell out of me.
Shields are a terrific idea; toes crossed that you will publish photos of the finished guys.
Anonymous said…
I am American first too. Thanks, Tony, for your concern. Our nation is in crisis.
Anonymous said…
America has been through some tough times before and I have to trust that we will only be pushed around so much before we've had enough! Don't give up on us northern friend!
Oh sage oh poet leonard Cohen...
Unknown said…
Why did it take a Canadian friend to remind me of this long ago song, and LC's version gives it even more meaning. I agree, Tony, change is coming and there's a whole slug of people who think they've got it figured out, but who be standing there, totally confused, wondering, "what the hell happened?", when all they think is right is proven wrong. Started throwing again Saturday, using new muscles. Ouch.
Teresa said…
Tony, I started making shields in earnest during a residency in September 2001.
You only need 1/4 to pulp. When making a lot of projects using a lot of pc I add 1/4 oatmeal consistency tp pulp to slip that I've decanted the water off. Paint mixer on drill Dry out on plaster etc. Actually I enjoy this process.
Learned the layering tp in slices of clay about six years ago. Good for smaller projects.
Teresa said…
I have always enjoyed trips to the states. Got to know a lot of Americans while travelling and working in Europe especially in Garmisch during the 70s. Mostly privates (soldiers) who had time off from their base in Germany and gave bike tours, did ski patrol, were Military Police, etc. Spent a lot of time visiting them after we all got back. Almost moved to Austin.
In solidarity.

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