Canada Invades Korea.

Once again my friend Unha Yi Hill is taking a group to Korea for an amazing clay experience.  Last night Unha presented a Korean dinner to those that are going this year. Some live far away and unfortunately were unable to attend. I stopped counting the number of courses when it reached 5. It was a feast for Kings and Queens. Our hostess had been preparing in the kitchen for two days and at the dinner she was able to sit back and relax while her very classy daughter Adrianna and her boyfriend Tyler were our servers. Donn Zver who runs a pottery and restaurant toasted the young couple for their excellent service and attention to detail.
Unha presented a jam packed itinerary of making pots with the Korean masters, and many visits to museums and pottery festivals. Pots made by the group will be fired in the 5 chambered wood kiln at the Icheon Pottery Festival.
Chris Snedden President of Fusion is returning again with Unha, Donn Zver who started Fusion (Ontario Potters Association) some 45 years ago is going and Beryl Budnark a very active Hamilton Potters Association member are also going. What a great group to travel with!! I contacted the Soju Distillers of Korea to tell them to start a second shift in the distillery in anticipation of Beryl arriving. Get a few drinks in that woman with her crazy shoes and Korea may never recover.

Unha has a couple of spots remaining. Contact me and I’ll put you in touch. It will be a trip of a lifetime.


Anonymous said…
Looks delish right down to the paisley crane!

I'm not in .ca yet but y'all better get ready! They are about to trump my hand!

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