The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers

We just finished firing #18 in Cassius Clay with Cone 11 melted everywhere. Cassius always does a rope a dope with us and makes us think we are winning and then reminds us who is The Champ.  Cassius Clay is one of my heroes and I never ever want to go in the ring with him unprepared. The Flame Throwers are the best back up I have and overcoming some bad wood took some punches to the body. Teresa Dunlop and Duncan Aird worked at getting the cold outta of a chimney packed with ice.  We had on loan and as a guest Kimmy Harcourt who did the night shift with Emma Smith and between the two of them they landed some significant body punches of their own. It was up to the closers Chris de Takesy and Jen Drysdale to deliver the right jab and the left hook. I just sat, pointed and grunted. Who could forget our faithful mascots Roxy and Maggie.
On Saturday while the kiln was firing Herm had a jam in The Jammin’ Cabin. He had 12 musicians out to jam. The best experience you can offer is to appeal to all of the 5 senses. We had music, laughter, the smell of smoke and good food in the Green Frog Tearoom, great scenery in the pines, flame in the stack of the wood kiln, the sound of the woofing of the firebox and the Jammers. What have I forgotten? It was all covered.

So now we wait till next Saturday when we all gather to unload. Plans are for a crit ,a glass of wine and some munchies. Tonight I ache where I used to play.


gz said…
That is how the best firings are done...teamwork!

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