Borrowing a chain saw!

Here is the chainsaw I give to people that ask to borrow mine. It requires no explanation when I hand it to them. I have loaned my Husky before and it came back with the chain hanging off and the teeth looked like they had bitten thru steel. My saw for loan

was made by Dog Bite Steel . The company is run by an old friend Brenda Tucker and her husband. They make great stuff!
I have a cast iron bra and bullet proof panties in the Unemployment Office otherwise known as my bedroom. Their flowers are blooming in my garden and the devil watches over my kiln.
Once in the middle of a firing I ran out of cut wood and my saw wouldn’t start. I ran down and asked the neighbour to borrow his. I thought I would return it better than I borrowed it so I took it next day to have it professionally sharpened. The Chain saw store owner who I knew thru teaching his daughter “Said where did you get this saw?”. He then went to his window and pointed at a serial # written on it. The saw had been stolen from him. Oh shit! The police were involved and my neighbour never spoke to me again.

Here is a glimpse at what my day looks like. Cords of ash!!


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