Dan's got bigger!

When I talked to my buddy Dan Finnegan in Seagrove, NC he told me when he used STARworks Clay his got bigger. Well, I couldn’t wait to see if the two samples I brought home would make mine bigger. I brought home the dark red clay of Alex Matisse and the New Seagrove 10 clay.
To test a clay I always make teapots to see if I get volume in the body. I made 2 of each and two with my clay. 
Although sadly mine didn’t get bigger I found so much more pleasure in the experience. The STARworks Clay is sooooo smooth and it behaves itself. I find most of the clays prepared commercially are made for the huge market of intro to intermediate makers. They need a clay that will stand up for as long as it takes for them to get it up. Us old timers like to get it up and get on with it. Two or three pulls and it’s done. Yikes, this post is digressing quickly. 
My pots were actually taller with my clay.  I think that is the result of it being harder. There was more volume lower down in the body with the STARworks.  The STARworks clay feels like a beautiful soft clay while most clays I have used feel more like rubber. I found myself making the pots from STARworks  with ease and with my clay it required more coaxing. The real treat was trimming the Star. 
We want good good coffee start with good organic coffee beans.  You want a good hat start with good felt. You want a good dinner start with good ingredients. You want good pots start with good clay. 

Hey Danny Boy, how is that ton of clay serving ya!
Word today that 4 of the ladies from my Eh team have signed up to fire the noborigama at Peter's Valley with Takuro and Hitomi Shibata of STARworks. What a powerhouse team firing that will be. 


Unknown said…
I ordered something from Amazon that was supposed to make mine bigger... they sent me a magnifying glass!!

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