Potter's Necrophilia Protection

I don’t cut down trees! I have lost two friends to falling trees. Guess where the expression “Widow maker” came from?  I cut up trees that have already fallen or bundles of slab wood.
The Ash Bore Beetle has hit Ontario with vengeance. Ash trees everywhere are dying. I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a lot of ash in the next couple of years. Is this a form of wood firers necrophilia?
If I have learned anything in my life it is to buy quality and look after it. A chainsaw is one nasty piece of equipment if used carelessly. I oughta know I once in my youth cut wood in shorts and Birkenstocks.  I nicked my knee with the blade as the engine was coming to a stop but it was enough to draw blood and scare the shit outta me. I now wear steel toed boots, a helmet with noise protection and a face guard. I don’t wear the chain link chaps but I do wear my jeans. No shorts!!! A man must be certain to wear protection.

I also sharpen my chain after each use which usually involves a cord of wood. I have used chain saws so dull you try to saw through the wood like using a hand saw. It is tiring and just plain dumb. Keep your tool sharp and stay safe! 


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