Wild Clays

From our last wood firing I had some sample teapots using North Carolina’s Wild Clays graciously given to me by Takuro to try out. Well I already told ya filter pressed clays  are a dream to throw and trim.
The first teapot is New Catawaba Valley Clay. You can see by the detail of the handle that it contains a lot of silica because it almost looks salt glazed in our wood kiln. The porcelain slip flashed beautifully on it too. There is also a picture of that clay with shino glaze and oxide brushwork.
Next teapot is made from the high iron clay I think it was called East Fork clay used by Alex Matisse. It gave an almost gun metal appearance and was a bit drier in surface. Then a picture of that clay glazed.

I had some issues with shivering on my clay and I think because of too thick of application of crackle slip and then two other shinos. There is always something to keep you humble in this business. I’ll show you this vase before the glaze decides to jump ship. Man over board! Don’t throw me a line I think I’ll try to make it to shore in the next kiln.  


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