Living Your Life Generously

Here is a pic of my Atlanta buddy Doc Rick Agel with Clyde of Clyde’s Kitchen that has served over 3 million meals to people in need. Doc helps in the kitchen every Wednesday. You know my admiration for you and your generosity Doc. It is expressed in this small tribute to you and Clyde. The world is blessed by your presence and me by your friendship. Keep living your life generously.
Before bed last night  The Pastor, Jack, and Scratch were sitting around the Hogbin/Black table talking about how I have not contributed to civilian life. I have never been a little league coach, worked at a soup kitchen, been on town council or joined any service clubs. I did when I had a job. I was active on the Board of the Ontario Potter’s Association. I found though that when I went full time into pottery I just couldn’t spare the time. It seems pottery has been a seven day a week job. Not that I make pots 7 days a week but my pottery life and life’s maintenance leaves me so little time.
Life was supposed to get easier and I was supposed to have more time. Life is very good but full to over flowing. If I had more time, I’d really like to see more of my kids and grand children. I think it is no wonder both of my kids stayed away from a career in the arts. 

I listened to an artist the other night that advocated art for art sake and that all artists need to find a real paying job.  I think Pablo Picasso should have been present.

He can who thinks he can and he can’t who thinks he can’t! Pablo Picasso


Unknown said…
Bless those that understand the life ❤️

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