Potter’s Condoms- Size Large

I made some more of my jars with the trumpet knobs. Andrew said it’s too bad they don’t tear when you blow into them. Another one of his how to make Tony rich schemes.  I said that is exactly the problem. I need a thin bottom to balloon out when I blow but it sometimes tears. He said why don’t you use a condom of Sarah Wrap? Trust youth to have their mind in the gutter. It would never have occurred to me but it is brilliant. Sometimes I think I know everything and then I regain consciousness.  Tailor made condoms for those with big knobs.  I was a little worried about picking up STD’s blowing on that knob (Stoneware Transmitted Diseases

Does CM still give ya $10 for an awesome suggestion? Don’t tell Michael Sherrill of this idea or he will market my tailor made condom wrap in all the colours of the rainbow and it will be sold at NCECA, potter’s conferences and pottery supply houses near you. Take your pick -pink, white, yellow, red, black and just for fun a rainbow. There are two rules for succeeding in business. The first one is “don’t tell them everything you know.”
I’ve been having way too much fun lately making my pots. I wonder if any of them will sell? I’m getting nervous and may have to start back to making a marketable line again. Just when I was starting to have fun.  Those that live by the sword are usually killed by someone who doesn’t. Now that little gem is good solid marketing advice. If you’re in a sword fight and your life depends on it like mine does make sure you got some back up in the form of Colt 45.

I’m going to load half the wood kiln today just to see where I’m at. Maybe there is more fun in store and maybe it’s all over but the crying until I go to the Land of Y’all to work with Dan in Jan.


gz said…
Nice ones! If you're enjoying making the work it shows in the work...and is more likely to sell.
Anonymous said…
'specially if you do demos!
Can't wait to see the opening of Cassius Clay! 🔥 Have fun!

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