A good wife for Dan

I’ve been kinda slacking off the last few days not doing too much and playing with my new Traeger smoker grill. Last night I cooked a brisket North Carolina style. I did the malt vinegar, garlic, beef broth, Worchestershire marinate and then slow cooked it on the smoker with apple pellets for 6 hours.  It was a bit tuff. NC suggests the addition of a can of Coke to tenderize the meat. I didn’t need 12 tablespoons of sugar.  I had my friend Chris over for dinner and she brought a nice bottle of red wine.
Today I went to the unveiling of the London Potters Guild mural. Wow, what an ambitious undertaking. Congrats to my friend Judy Sparker -

President and her team for setting a Gold standard on Guild performance in this country. You need to take a bow for such progressive thinking and achievement. I am a HUGE fan and supporter.
So I came home and made a pizza on my grill. I used an old kiln shelf for the pizza stone and it browned the bottom of the pizza perfectly. I’d like to tell Dan the brisket was a disguised egg plant and the pizza was covered with babba gamoose, chick peas, lentils, humus and other grossities  but to keep our relationship true and alive I have to confess it was a meat fest.  An absolutely wonderful meat fest!

Tomorrow the London Poker Stokers come to unload Cassius Clay then after clean up over to The Cactus Lounge for pizza and a No Holds Barred Crit. I think this will be a new experience for them. I will have to muzzle Andrew who doesn’t believe in the sandwich crit. A slice of bread, the meat and then to finish a slice of bread. He thinks only meat is required. We get too soon old and too late smart.


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