Pink is the new orange

It seems all little girls like pink and purple. When my daughter was under 10 years of age she would only wear pink or purple but pink was her fav. So much so that my knick name for her was “Pinky”.
My favourite two vases I took in to SNC the day after the opening I was thinking of hanging on to them for a show. I’m terrible at holding pots back. I want people to see the racers and that means put them out for sale and hope that the pots in the next kiln will be even better. That is the eternal promise we all live for isn’t it. The next kiln!!!!!!!!!!!! I love pink way more than I like orange. Orange does radiate warmth but pink for me is about innocence. The innocence of a little kid with the whole world ahead of her.
A potter was at the show this weekend that is quitting making pots. Not for health reasons but just quitting. I can only assume shear boredom with the work or maybe something more interesting to do. Nothing new, same ole, same ole. I’d quit too! Retirement to me means you’d rather be doing something else.
I remember in Wales, Mick Casson said that the wood kiln gave him new life in his work and it got him hungry to make work again. I think that is the real magic of a wood kiln. It keeps you wanting to make better pots. It’s too damn much work to just make “so what” same ole same ole pots.
So these two favs are at the gallery and for sale. I doubt they have been photographed and put on line as they were swamped with customers at the opening and have worked like dawgs putting the show up.  I hope they are taking a well deserved rest as I should be. Here is the contact
So what of “pink’? Giving pink roses is a sign of happiness, elegance, romance, admiration, sweetness and thank you. There was a pink rose on my pillow in the hotel last night. It made me smile.
I think those pink vases sum up my life right now. I am very happy. The vases are elegant with an edge. I’m romancing my mistress the kiln, the glazes and the surfaces. I’m so full of admiration for all the clay community I hang with. And most of all I want to say a big THANK YOU for all of your love and support that adds up to this man living his dream. The next kiln……………………


gz said…
and MickCasson's work was ever full of life!
Yet, after fifty years of being a potter he tried something new..but some galleries didn't want it because it was different!

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