Whoosh of slack

I think after the past 6 months of pedal to the medal, stick to the firebox I deserve a swoosh of slack.
I spent 3 days loading and firing Cassius Clay with the London Potters Guild “Poker Stokers”. Then I dragged my tired bones over to Queen Anne in Jerseyville to drink delicious coffee point and grunt. I arrived home last night having not eaten a decent home cooked meal for days and a bed I had been climbing in and out of for what seems eternity.  I woke up this morning wondering where I lived.
I’ve been so on the run it has been my excuse not to run. There are a pile of 8  pairs of shoes at my back door.. You’d think 8 men lived here at The Cactus Lounge. I took out my running shoes yesterday and went for a run. Gawd, my body aches where it used to play.  I will run in White’s Woods this afternoon so that I can fill my lungs with the cold air of the beautiful Carolinian forest I am so lucky to live near. It is my Ontario North Carolina
I want to be in shape for this amazing opportunity I have at Starworks in NC .  I want to be at my peak strength and alertness.  I see this time spent with Dan Finnegan, Takuro and the Seagrove gang as an opportunity to lift myself to a higher level of excellence and accomplishment.
I spoke to Andrew about being on a residency. I don’t see it as a time you go to do what you already do. I see it as a time to explore, take risks, court failure, and dance with new loves.

It’s not that I am going to sit here fo

r the next month  at The Cactus Lounge and pick fuzz out of my naval. I am going to be making but with no stress of hitting the long ball with spectators. I bought a pellet grill/smoker so I’m going to do some nice meals and invite some friends over. I am planning to have my kids here for a sleep over and nice holiday meal. I am going to try to run every day. Run without running.


gz said…
sounds good. enjoy!

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