Dance like nobodies watchin’

Sometimes ya gotta dance like nobodies watching, love ya ain’t gonna get hurt and make pots like ya don’t need the money.  It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work. This is paraphrasing a song I like of Guy Clark’s – Come from the heart.
I haven’t made any production work since sometime in the spring. I’m afraid I have let some of the stores that sell it down. If ya pick something up ya gotta put something down. I’ve been juggling a lot of balls this year.
I could light a match under my butt and crank some out but it wouldn’t be from my ole battered heart. I made these t-pots one day last week when I was carried down to the studio by a swarm of bees. I don’t know how else I could have got there since I have been just plum tired.
I had been sent a picture of some cups I made probably 10 years ago with a thumbed bottom. The customer wanted 8. I haven’t taken a commission since I was 50 years old. I gave that to myself as a present. Orders were always a pain in the keester. Murphy’s Law (Barb) always kicked in and something would happen to them. They would warp, crack, oxidize, a  kiln booger would fall in . I liked the cups so I made some and then got carried away with thumbing and made these teapots. Sometimes ya gotta dance like nobodies watching and make pots like you don’t need the money.
I went for a 6 kilometer walk this aft in White’s Woods. I needed the air, the cold, the sun, the peace, and the time to think.

I have a glaze demo to do tomorrow night for the London Potters Guild, wood prep to do Wednesday and Thursday and then 9 woodies arrive Friday to load Cassius Clay and the dance starts all over again.  I’ve got Andrew coming this weekend to fire with me so if I feel like sitting out a shift he can swing my partner and do the doesy doe with Cassius Clay.


Cyndi said…
Tony, I thought the firing I saw you loading two weeks ago was the last wood firing until Spring? You like to be hard on yourself, don’t you? Let the youngun’ cover your shift. I know you are fighting a cold. I am. I was just telling another potter friend today that it was ok to say “I just can’t get it made in time.” I have found that the customers who are placing orders never intended us to work seven days a week without a social or family life. Take care of yourself. Still loving those most recent slip cast vases.
Unknown said…
I'd tell you to take it easy but you wouldn't listen.
Unknown said…
I'd tell you to take it easy but you wouldn't listen.
Anonymous said…
Tony, you are smokin'! :>)

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