Sooooooo special

The long awaited opening night of the “good fire” is over for this year. That is not to say that the fire is out. I think it has just sparked an even bigger fire in the plans for this becoming an annual show.
Shane and Elizabeth had kept the show hidden in a shroud of secrecy all week long with the windows papered over so that no one could have a preview. When we arrived after dinner at The Red Rabbit the gallery was already full to overflowing with customers.
Dinner was ala carte and it was anything short of amazing. We had fried chicken, steak, duck, mac and cheese, cauliflower, poutine, followed by a dessert sampler tray to die for. Wine was flowing and laughter was everywhere. We had le grande feu. Some were still howling at the moon come 5am in the morning.
By evenings end I had sold all my vases so I topped the shelves with 6 more this morning. I still think many were shocked that this was my work. A man can never be too predictable.
The show is online today if you want a peek.
There was a treat bag for all the potters with a nice laminated Bon Feu poster and a full colour catalogue showing a piece of each artists work and their artists statement. Here is mine short and simple. That is the artists statement not me.
Marks of process in making and firing influence the forms and surfaces that I create.
For one night the potters were royalty bedded down in a beautiful heritage hotel, dining in an amazing restaurant and having their work shown in a fabulous tasteful gallery. Shane Norrie and Elizabeth Davidson you are both top shelf. I think you both know that by now. Thank you for being sooooooo

special and for treating the potters soooooooo special.


Anonymous said…
What, one left, Tony? Looks like you are doing a great job earning your keep!
These are spectacular!
Cyndi said…
This is a great show. It is worth traveling to see in person. Thanks Tony for waiting to show it to me. C.

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