When you feel you are being watched.

I got this little mini crit from DH the closet artist that although I have never met I feel his presence and especially today. I’m sure you’ve felt someone’s presence when you are alone.
Here is what DH had to say on those vases I just pulled out of the wood kiln.
“BUT HOLY S%#T!!! if the pictures of your pieces you posted here hold up in the round, you’ve crossed the f#Sking line this time Batman!! Pretty scary, how do you get back from there alive. Congratulations, way to go.”
I got 18 of those vases lined up and yes they are BIG departure. I was in a funk today making little bowls for these trays I made last week with the Christmas market in mind. I know I will need money in my jeans for tofu when I head down to NC to spend two totally selfish months with one of the best guys I know- Dapper Dan Finnegan.
The time I spent making for the SNC show “Storytellers” was well worth it and I thank all of you out there that supported the work. Then hot on the heels of a successful show of work of strong stoneware a month later I do an about face with thin slip cast porcelain with colours off the colour chart of most wood fired pots. I feel a bit like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde the possessed doctor testing his new formula that can unleash people’s inner demons. I must be going through an awkward state as now I am looking at these trays and little bowls for tofu money.
I had a post dinner bourbon with Ronnie the Rat in my hand tonight and the question I asked his rat cup was “ How do you get back from there alive????
Compromise is just a speed bump on the way to somewhere. Do you go down the middle of the road? Do you speed up and try to swerve around them? Do you slow down so that the impact is softened?
I’m sure the answers will all come forward this weekend when I’m with my beloved clay family at The Parlour Inn bar drinking Mad Dog Marguerita’s.


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