The Mississauga Flamers

The Mississauga Flamers arrived at Pinecroft on Friday with cars full of pots glazed and wadded ready to be loaded into Cassius Clay the big bourry box wood kiln at Pinecroft.  We had been threatened with snow squalls on Friday followed by rain on Saturday and Sunday. Well one of us must live right because the snow squalls held off and so did the rain. It was bone chilling cold but at least we were dry. We had a wonderful pot luck on Friday night after loading the kiln and a couple of brave soldiers started the 6am morning shift with ice forming on the pond and the owls and the coyotes proclaiming that they too were not ready for this cold snap. Each 6 hour shift was conscientious and dedicated to our plan of 100 degrees F an hour. The kiln was almost letter perfect in reaching our set goals.
Wabbit has set a standard in kiln wallpaper sculpture so the female version of Bob and Doug MacKenzie of The Great White North did a door with a pickle and a donut on it. There were also ceramic versions of pickles and donuts in the kiln. Ok, so they smoke weird drugs in Mississauga..
Does this group look like they are enjoying the process, the good company, the team work, the hard work, the food, the music  and the common goal of taking 40,000 lbs of refractories plus pots  to Cone 11 flat? Ya, I think the faces tell the tale.
So we wait till next Saturday to see the results. In the meantime,  I just may have to melt a flashlight trying to get a peak  

A friend this weekend said “ I can’t imagine you being anywhere else or doing anything else or why you would want to. ” I had considered being a brain surgeon in retirement but I guess this is my calling. To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. - Socrates


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