Another goodun, eh!

I am pleased to be showing you yet another top notch invitational show this time in our Nation’s Capital of Ottawa. 260 Fingers was the brain child of potter Chandler Swain who has been a mover and shaker of Fine Craft in the province since the mountains were cooling.
If you don’t like what the face of the craft scene looks like don’t bitch initiate a show with your finger print on it and finger print 25 others whose work you love. This show has it’s core members and some invited artists each year which I think brings some freshness to the show.
 I believe this is what has happened earlier in the US and has now started it’s way North of 49. The booth fees and expense of these very large shows became a recipe for working yourself to death just to meet expenses. The work also has to suffer under such pressure to make so much.
The artist organized invitational shows are not only fun and affordable to attend, they inspire you to be better.
See that jar on the poster. Yep, it’s Bruce Almighty Cochrane. You know you got to pull up your socks when you’re in the same show as Bruce. Nobody wants to be the turd in the punch bowl.
Fresh off Bon Feu you will see Bruce, Heather Smit, Jen Drysdale, and Mike Doxey with some killer wood fire. Do me a favour when you go to the show -drop by and tell Chandler how fabulous her work would look with a bit of flash and ash. The black and white teapot on the poster is her work.
I wish I could drive the 8 hours to visit the show and friends but I am firing Cassius Clay again this weekend with a great group from the Mississauga Potters Guild. It is promising snow squalls and -8 temperatures. So while the 26 potters of 260 Fingers are drinking wine, having a lovely dinner together, smoozing and selling their work  me and  the 8 Guild members will be in our long johns, heavy socks and hoodies sparing with Cassius.  

Say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. Aristotle


Cyndi said…
I hope you have a good firing. I am thinking of the cold fingers and toes. It’s impossible to see all of the good, even great shows when you are just living your life.

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