Being fitted for a bra, online!

The last firing with The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers the talk around the firebox was the difficulty of buying a bra online, how to deal with hot flashes and other women stuff I tuned out. But my small impressionable brain has come up referencing bras in my new work. 
I'm home and should have a mind full of ideas for new work. I got spoiled on the highway. I don't have a list, or anything I really need to make. I do however think that a man should never be too predictable.  At least this man shouldn't be. Most like predictability. I am not for them.  They want a burger in Amsterdam that tastes the same as the one in Timbuktu and Cheyne, Wyoming. I think most people like predictability. They are predicting I will show up at Emma's show Vessels for Flowers with those tall porcelain vases that they hadn't predicted at Bon Feu. 
Well they are my ace up the sleeve but I'm working on wall art vases. Torn bras were my theme today. Thanks ladies for damaging my brain and my squeaky clean reputation. 
Here is a word of advice guys. "So you wanna be an outlaw, better take it from me. Living on the highway, ain't everything it's supposed to be".- Steve Earle 
This wee series of torn bra wall flower vases may or may not have worked. I ain't sure yet! I'm trying to find something out there beyond the place I have a safe footing. Who would have thought it would be in the ladies dept at Victoria Secret's?
You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. Jim Carrey


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