Trailer Trash

This weekend we fired Cassius Clay with the Richmond Hill Trailer Trash.  The trailers were full as well as the B and B. This was a rookie crew of never fired a wood kiln.  They spared with The Champ like a professional only could. I asked for 100 degrees F an hour and they delivered. When I left at 11pm I asked for them to deliver 2200F by my arrival at 5:45 am and it was sitting right at 2205 with Cone 7 down.
Andrew and I arrived at 5:45 with McDonalds coffees in hand  and all was ready set up for a grand slam. Andrew was my student at Sheridan in 2000 and has remained my friend, the best guy you could ever want in your corner. I am always impressed with Andrew's work ethic and I am so glad to have him as a long time friend. Thanks Andrew for always having my back. You know I love ya!
We threw body punches at The Champ until Cone 11 was flat top, bottom, back and front. The day was beautiful, the wood was tinder dry and Cassius delivered as he has consistently done since his first professional debut at Pinecroft.
Our sponsor- Springwater Packeers- Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy's real meat.
Congrats to the Richmond Hill Trailer Trash for stepping into the ring with the heavy weight champion of the world Cassius Clay
Missing are Victor, Portia Andrew and me. A great crew!!!
and delivering.  Nicely done!


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