Punches above her weight

We are so pleased to have Heather Smit presenting a soft slab workshop at Pinecroft.  Heather is a fine example of someone that punches waaaaaaay above her weight. She just came on my radar about 4 years ago but since then there has been a buzzzz around the province about her work and her teaching abilities. Check out the considerations made in the construction of some of her pieces- nothing short of brilliant in my mind.
I look forward to stealing some of her ideas to incorporate on my thrown work.  Good artists borrow, great artists steal.
T-pot check out all the considered parts!

I really do need one of these for my wall.

Never mind the brilliant construction- look at the abstract impressionistic slip work!

Move over Edmund de Wall this is a still life!

What can I say- nice jugs!


smartcat said…
Now I have a new addition to my bucket list!

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