My Gang

I made a special dinner tonight like I did some 30 years ago when the boys came to my house for our club house night where girls weren't allowed. I was divorced and had the kids so Tuesday night was my night to howl with the boys. One of my regular buddies was Donny Dubois my neighbouring potter. I would prepare a dinner the best I could. We'd drink beer, smoke weed( we never inhaled) and listen to rock and roll. We'd laugh, crack jokes and celebrate our friendship.
On 420 of all days I got the sad news that one of my club members of our gang had suffered a massive heart attack and didn't recover. Donny Dubois has taken the high road. He leaves behind him his long time wife and best friend Marsha and their 3 kids April, Ben and Eric as well as a swarm of grand kids. 
Well Donny, I set the table for you tonight and grilled an eye of the round from Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy's. I bought a great bottle of wine and poured ya one. I know you would have preferred a cold beer but I thought I'd take one last attempt at making you a wine snob. 
You got me fired from a non paying job and gave a night of laughter unequalled ever!!!!!!
The Clubhouse!

Donny Dubois without his halo.
Wish we had clinked a bottle in the last decade or so. Careers seem to take up so much of us.  I am guilty of working too hard and never checking the rear view mirror.
Bon voyage Donny! Keep one or two chilled for me. 


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