The Champ

We just unloaded Cassius Clay for the London Potters Guild. The Champ exceeded every one's expectations. There were probably 600 pots went into the ring with the the undisputed champion of my world and he delivered on time and in spades. It was a beautiful firing with everyone going home with dreams of firing again.
Tucker's Pottery Supply is making a Cone 6 clay that we have been firing in the Cone 12 range with amazing results.
The pay load and a lot of happy campers.

This pot was MCS Tuckers Cone 6 clay unglazed on the outside. Copper red on the  inside. Amazing how the copper migrated thru the clay. The blue blotches were cobalt splashes on the clay. Yes, there is no glaze on the outside of this pot!!
This is my clay Smokies Hot Bod- no glaze just wood ash surface.

More migration of the copper glaze to the surface of the unglazed  Tucker's MCS Cone 6 white clay.

Hot Bod with a with slip by Carol Wong.

MCS Cone 6 clay fired to Cone 11 by Gayle Fairchild.


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