Visual Function

I've never really bought the Bauhaus theory that form follow function when it comes to making pots. I have lots of pots that I love that really need some care to use. They really look better than they work and that's alright with me. Kinda like living with somebody I suppose.
I'm not a real fan of engineers either. They make some of the damnedest things in the sake of economy. Look at the Shimpo splash pan as a for instance. What kind of mental midget ever dreamed that thing up?
I drove 3 hours home last night thru what the news reports as 650 traffic accidents in freezing rain, snow and high winds. I drove right thru Woodstock, Ontario where my Toyota Rav4 is manufactured. It was about there that the windshield wiper decided to fly off. The windshield wipers sit in a trough as does the windshield washer squirter. Of course this fills up with snow and ice so the windshield fluid doesn't work. The back windshield wiper gets stuck in the snow between the spare tire and the windshield so it doesn't work worth a shit either.
The best car I have ever owned for a northern climate is a Subaru. They rule the snowy roads where I live. Heated mirrors, heated seats, heated windshield so the wipers actually function, AWD, heavy as a log and built by the Japanese equivalent of Caterpillar. They are an awesome car. They are the most popular car in Vermont. Vermont could be another province of Canada. We think a lot a like.


Vermonters know how to do it! :)

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