Somebody's been sleeping at my house

Somebody has been sitting in my chair.
Somebody has been sitting at my wheel.
Said Daddy Bear.
Mr. K aka Andrew Kellner was staying at The Cactus Lounge this past weekend while he helped his gang of the London Potter's Guild fire off Cassius Clay. While not on shift he made a few pots and stained my studio with red clay forever. Actually he always leaves it cleaner than he found it.

Down right nasty!
I remember one time when I did the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition this tiny little old man was picking up my pots and kinda smiling and nodding. When I approached he said something to the effect that there was a lot about these pots that he loved and he said I was his favourite potter at the show.  He then introduced himself as Jack Hermann. Jack was my pottery idol as far back as I can remember. He was the King of the Casserole in Ontario. I didn't need to sell another pots all weekend. I had that compliment to bank.
My friend Grass said it takes 7 years to learn how to make pots and another 10 years to develop a signature in your work.
I was thinking when I walked down to my workshop and saw these pots that Andrew made that there is something I love about them that makes me nod and smile.  His aggressive use of the trimming tool on a soft nasty clay shows confidence. To make these kinds of marks you need to commit to the action confidently. I think Andrew is entering his 17th year of pot making.
There is a BIG signature on these pots.
Mama bear and the baby bears

Ya, baby!
Nice jugs!


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