Rebecca went to the well

I had always thought those handles on what are called "Rebecca pitchers" in NC were amongst the ugliest handles I had ever laid eyes on. After I found out the origin of the handle and why it was so useful I began to change my mind. The handle is looped at the top so that a rope can be tied to it and it is lowered standing right side up into the well to draw water from the well. How clever is that?
Rebecca jugs by C.C Cole North Carolina

 It was then pointed out to me that I was doing a version of the Rebecca handle on my cups. It is the one concession I make to those that insist on big handles. I don't care for big cups or big handles.
Being of working class roots I do love and admire truckers. Everything in my house that I use, eat or drink was brought to me by a trucker.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I do cringe when I was on my tour of duty to see the truckers coming out of the convenience store with a gallon sized soda at 6am in the morning.  It's hard to exercise,  eat and drink well when you are on the road. There is your market for the big cups- truckers.

Rebecca cup

Handful of handle.

Me, I like my espresso and a stiff drink at night is with one ice, no soda, juice or any other form of alcohol abuse so a small cup serves me fine. Fact is my new espresso machine has eliminated many of the cups in my cupboard. They simply don't fit!
The story of Rebecca is that loyal servant  Eliezer was sent to find Issac a wife. He stopped by a wall and prayed to God for guidance. He asked that the first woman to show him and his camels kindness would become Issac's chosen wife. Rebecca not only drew water from the well for Eliezer but for his camels.
So that's it. I need to buy some camels and hang out at a well. Maybe I had better reconsider making my rebecca cups a bit bigger to quench the thirst of my camels. On second thought I think I'll stick with my little roundies.

Little roundies.


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Thank goodness too

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