Love storage

I sat down on the couch to enjoy a Buffalo Trace pre dinner and I thought holy shit my Christmas cards are still up. I'd been too busy to notice. Trouble is I don't know how to store all this love. It feels sinful to put my friends and love ones in a box in the closet but I can't keep them up all year long and then add to it each year. That is what hoarders do! I am not a hoarder. I'm more of a purger. I have boxes of memories in the basement that I never look at. Maybe I'll take one last look at each card and git rid of em! The storage will have to be in my ragged ole heart. It is big enough and won't clutter The Cactus Lounge. One man's treasures are another man's garbage. I don't want to leave a mess for my kids to sort thru when I'm catching the night train to Hell.
What would I do in a one room apartment with all the stuff that is so seemingly important to me? Doc, is it really all just shit?
Duncan and M are firing their kiln right now. It has been cold and nasty. They are tuff stock. Fair weather firers are like fair weather friends. I've been firing
with those two when the snow banks were 4 feet high and the wind blowing bitterly. Surround yourself with people you can count on.
I built a bit of a reputation at Peter's Valley by firing the kiln thru Hurricane Sandy with a damn fine crew. Every other faculty and all students left but the potter's. My wife at the time phoned and told me to high tail it home. I said "No, I am the Captain of the ship and will go down with it!" Trees were falling, there was no power, no toilets and it was rather scary but we fired off. They had to chainsaw trees from the roads so I could leave. I'm glad I stayed! I'm no fair weather friend.
Loading up Cassius Clay to fire with the Poker Stokers from the London Potter's Guild this weekend. More nasty weather coming in. I have my hockey face on.


gz said…
wishing you a good firing...enjoy!!

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