A rose is a weed

In a wheat field, a rose is a weed- even if that rose is voluptuous and vibrant. Translation: It's your sacred duty to identify the contexts in which you can thrive and then put yourself in those contexts. -Rob Brezney
A rose amongst the weeds
That's me!
This quote speaks to me on a couple of levels. Who you hang with. Does the company you hang with inspire you to be a better person, a better potter, a better cook or whatever "better" is your goal. I guess being a better person should top the list.
Is your work positioned in a field of weeds? Are you trying to sell gallery quality work along side Brillo frogs mass produced in China. Is the smell of patchouli oil and pine scented incense accompanied by a recording of sounds of nature the right atmosphere for your most beautiful work? Are you in a field of weeds when in fact you should be in a beautiful cultured garden of equally as beautiful flowers. Perhaps you will bloom and stand out amongst the weeds . There is also the possibility that they will cover you over.  
I slipped some cups with Albany slip and 2% cobalt today. I had to be careful the slip didn't fill in my handle. Thanks Cary Hulin for the bag of Albany I brought home from Wooster. Pots always look so great when they are wet and not so great when they are dry or bisque fired.
Albany slipped cups

Had to blow out the slip from my handle opening.

I get to think up all this crazy nonsense on my Nature Bath that i am enjoying sooooo much on my bike. White's Woods is full of trilliums and there is no fear of trucks and cars. 
 Ask yourself where would you thrive and grow???? Go there and go there often..  
Not one day since I got my handmade Italian glasses has someone not complimented me. 


Anonymous said…
Amen brother, shout it out louder so everyone can hear!

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