Hawk Eye and Chingashgook

Every year I indulge myself in a piece of art that I like. Could be furniture. Could be ceramic. Could be 2D. Could be folk art. Could be garden art.  Could be anything I really like that will make The Cactus Lounge an even more interesting place for me to live and for my friends eyes to wander.
I've been drawn to these two pieces at Shane Norrie Contemporary by artist Michael Barber. I've visited them several times but I have needed time to sleep on it. They aren't selling for exactly chump change. Initially it was the owl form I liked. It is rather haunting though and might scare the shit out of me if I encountered it one sleepy night on my way to the John. I'll talk to Jack the Bear about it.
I have decided on the green hawk like form. I have this weird whack job superstition about seeing a hawk. I always see one on my way to give a workshop. I have had them land on the road in front of me, on a stop sign, swoop right in front of my windshield and peer down at me from a telephone line.
I was told by a physic friend of mine that the hawk is my spirit animal.
Here is what I just read about the hawk as a spirit animal.
hawks represent an ability to lead others and take initiative. ... Seeing hawks means that you are on the right path in life, and your spirit animal is there to make sure you keep on this path. Use the hawk spirit animal during times where you need laser-like focus and have to take on the role of a leader.
So doesn't this all make sense. I am going to welcome the hawk into The Cactus Lounge. I could use a companion to keep me on the right path.  I will name him Hawk Eye. If I could afford the two I'd name the other one Chingashgook. A fond child hood memory of watching Hawkeye and his side kick Chingashgook on our first black and white TV.  Apologies to the artist Michael Barber for my titles. I am probably way off the mark but hey if it's any consolation I love your work., Michael. 
Hawk Eye

Owl form


Anonymous said…
They both reminder me of the scary art in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice.
Anonymous said…
Since you have a hawk as your spirit animal have you ever thought about building a flying wood-fired kiln?



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