Circle of life

For anyone that knows my work you know I accentuate the circle of life on the inside of a pot and trim it into the foot of a pot. It is an important symbol to me.
The circle of life

My life started in this little log cabin with my mum and dad and two brothers. We had come from Medicine Hat, Alberta for my dad to be the mould maker at Pinecroft. We lived in this little log place with an ice box, an oil stove and an outhouse. It was humble beginnings. After a year the pottery was unable to support two families but more likely it was because my brothers speared frogs, dug trenches for their toy trucks and this drove my aunt crazy.
My family home circa 1954
40 years ago my cousin Brenda joined Pinecroft and started a tea room for people that came to buy pots to stop and have a scone and a cup of tea. Since then the restaurant has grown to welcome over 50,000 people a year for a delicious lunch and glass of wine.
The old pottery now The Green Frog Tearoom

My aunt and uncle refused to learn how to use a cash register and moved across the pond to make pots. They loved to talk about pots but were out of the pond when it came to managing a business. They had always used a fishing tackle box for a cash register. Brenda and her husband Herm have made it a tourist destination for people all over Southwestern Ontario.
the pond in fall
People come for lunch and wander across the pond to visit the pottery studio. My uncle loved to talk to people about making pots. His face glowed at the prospect of describing the process of pottery. 
Thank you Brenda for keeping the light on while I travel the world and pontificate about what I feel are good pots. I am a blessed man!


Anonymous said…
You always know when your home, and that is part of the circle of life.
Anonymous said…
The circle of life, the spiral of life, it all comes around again sometimes at different levels of difficulty, but that is life.

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