I thought I had died

Doc Agel and Emma "M" Smith are staying at The Cactus Lounge while attending the David Stuempfle "Capacity" workshop. M had just attended a wedding on the weekend and didn't want to see the flowers wasted so went around my house displaying these beautiful flowers everywhere. After an exhausting day I was first to bed. I rolled over and saw a couple of bouquets of flowers. I thought where the hell am I?  I needed a glass of water so I headed off to the kitchen. In the light of the refrigerator I saw yet another display of flowers.  Half asleep it occurred to me that I had died. There were flowers everywhere , my computer, wine bottles, cheese plates, nuts and life's pleasures so I knew I didn't go anywhere heavenly for a good view.  I didn't hear any harps playing or witness any white figures with wings. I checked to see if Doc and M were there with me so I knew I was in a place of good company.
I wondered if perhaps I should get dressed up in my best clothes to go to bed. Should I go get my fedora and rest it on my crossed arms?  I drifted off wondering if I would return when shortly after I smelled Doc brewing coffee in the kitchen. I'm still an earthly being. Since my life's purpose seems to be work I had better get to it.
The instrument of my brain.

Bruce Dehnert in the kitchen

The Rat's Nest- Doc's bedroom

The Unemployment Office- my room.


Anonymous said…
Who's hiding under the covers, a slab of clay perhaps?
Anonymous said…
Your own heaven right here on earth, right now.
What a great life.
And remember to buy yourself some flowers as a special treat, just because.

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