Big hands...........big

handles!. I don't buy that. If you love something you learn how to use it. I like small cups and I like one or two finger cups. I won't make cups for people to put their fist through.
So for all the people that asked me why I poked my thumbnail in the side of the cup I know you would next be asking for a bigger handle so I made these for you. I put a little pin prick in there just to mess with your sensibilities.  See how many fingers ya can get thru that!  They are little libation cups- whiskey, gin, sake whatever your particular demon happens to be. You're going to have to look at this cup when you use it. You may even find it makes having your drink a bit of a fun adventure.
I was thinking if I knew a jeweller I'd have them make a little ear ring to fit thru the pierced ear. Now, wouldn't that be a sexy bourbon cup?
Making pots ought to be fun. That's what I do. I have fun. If I can get you or your guests to ask why did he do that then I have succeeded in making a thoughtful pot.
These pots little discreet libation cups were a warm up exercise. I'm trying to get my mojo back. 3 months of boot camp and I'm feeling like I need to breath.
 M and Jesse came this aft an d they loaded her rocket ship into the van. I then went off this aft in White's Woods on my bike in the rain thru the forest of trilliums. It felt so good I found myself singing in the rain. Tomorrow I get to make pots again and they are for me- hallelujah!
A cup for a person with big hands

A cup for someone that wonders why the thumb nail mark

A party waiting to happen!


Anonymous said…
Every potter has a special place in their heart for their claybies.

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