Hug like you mean it!

I haven't made any pots for me since November 2019. I've made demo pots but nothing for me. Then after David's workshop I had to demo at Pinecroft for an estimated 2000 car loads of people. It was the Shunpiker Tour and Pinecroft was a destination. The Green Frog Tea Room is booked to capacity all day long and this was to be my first day making work for me.
Should I make work that is represented in the showroom at Pinecroft or should I expose my true self and open my heart?  I've been doing what I'm told to do now for almost half a year. I want to hug like I mean it!
Little whiskey cups

My buddy Doc Agel stayed with me for the week and Doc and I always have a great talk. This week we talked about showing affection. I show affection in person and in my work. I don't know how many times today I got asked why I poke and scar the work. Why do I make that uneven roll of clay around the cup?  I answered they are beautiful scars. The scars of my incredible life. For most this is too much and it flies over their heads like Emma's rocket ship big pot.
I made 6 straight up yunomi's when I thought people really thought I was unable to come clean. Then I thought "no fuck it" this is my time, my work, my heart, my aesthetic, my time to make what I would love to make.  Pots like hearts should show affection. Without affection there are no warm fuzzies. I'm excited to go trim and handle the cups tomorrow. The yunomi's are going to take a swim in the pond. A. I am not a fan of handleless cups and B. They don't expose my heart.
cars and trucks up and down the road, in the fields everywhere

Where do you get your clay asked 1000 times.
Hug like you mean it! Hugging some people is like hugging a telephone pole.  Pots are like that too!


Anonymous said…
Sorry I missed it, were you giving out free hugs too!
Anonymous said…
Lonely potter needs a bear hug!
mahima malik said…
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