Get out of your own way!

What if you could learn to get out of your own way. Imagine the things you could do.
I'm trying some new things and enjoying myself. I had my earphones on and Tony Joe White's BOOM,BOOM BOOM  on loud and repeat.
I'm just getting back to my pots after what seems like a very long time. Too long!
I picked up a couple of things in Wooster that I wanted to try.
1. The darted cup by Jen Allen. Mine look like the cup is wearing a dust mask or perhaps because it's lower down more like
Athletic support or dust mask?

Ouch- chicken feeders.
an athletic support. My cousin Brenda thought I was making chicken feeders.
The second thing I wanted to try was Kenyon Hanson's flying saucer lids. I liked the idea of sticking your figure in the hole instead of having a knob. Brenda thought they might be too hot to handle on a teapot. That didn't worry me but I couldn't get my little shovel hand beneath the handle to get it out comfortably so I stuck a wee knob on the side. Actually now the lids look like mini teapots.
It felt really good to be back making. I don't want to ever be away from the making of my own work for that long ever again. Some people need coffee in the morning. Some people need a cocktail while cooking dinner. Some people need to create art. I need them all.
There was a day when 4 teapots in a day would have been embarrassing.

Tomorrow Junior you get your spout circumcised. 


Anonymous said…
There is only one you, just be you!
Anonymous said…
If we all could truly be ourselves, and free of perfectionism, shame, and all the other crap that gets dumped on us, we'd all be making beautiful objects and following in your example.

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