David and Goliath

David "Big Pot" Stuempfle slayed Goliath this week. I knew he would.  Technique not muscle had participants in David's "Capacity" workshop this past week here at Pinecroft surpass their own expectations in terms of scale.
When my own kids were picking courses for University I told them to pick the teacher not the subject. A good teacher can make even the most difficult subject fun and doable. David is one of those teachers.
There were good surprises and unpredictable fun. We had a morning welcome breakfast, farewell supper, bowling night, music night, video night, cocktail hour,  and a pile of laughs as large as the pile of clay.
When a group of enthusiastic makers fully engage for a week it enhances the intelligence of everyone in the group. You learn something from everyone. We all took pleasure in our idiosyncrasies and eccentricities. We even got used to that y'all southern talk. I was like an angel in the presence of this pack of renegades.
Guess how many hundreds of pounds this lineup represents?

Beautiful volume in this 2 piece jar.

Planter for a tree.
David has a brand- it's called beautiful form. A recognizable beautiful strong form. He kept telling me to do something with the forms after he left. I ain't going to.
I'll keep my nonstandard beauty that displays my untamed self to my own work. It's going to be hard to get started working again in the presence of these pots as they really are "giant killers".
Well done, David!  Ya dun real good! You come back again real soon,  ya hear!


Anonymous said…
Do it, go for it, work them over like Peter Voulkos.

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