Talking to the dead

I don't really believe in the after life or mediums or any of that kind of stuff. I do however believe in Energy. Since my return to where it all started for me at Pinecroft I have had so many people comment on how I so much remind them of my Uncle Jimmie. They look at this painting of him in The Green Frog Tearoom and then look at me and have come over to ask if that is me. I say thanks a lot he was 84 when that painting was done.
He's been on my mind the last week or so. I wonder if he approves of how his nephew has been doing.
I drink a squeezed lemon in warm water every morning in a cup he made. He made 50 of them in the morning he died. I put the handles on them and glazed them in a temmoku glaze- a potter's glaze.


Anonymous said…
Energy can never be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one thing to another,
so we all come from somewhere and may be we return there.

I'll be floating around the rings of Saturn, may be I'll see you there sometime?
Anonymous said…
You look marvelous for 87,
it must be all the preservatives and chemicals in the bacon.
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