Love is all you need

I have my NC friends Nancy Gottovi and David Stuempfle, Rick Agel Georgia, and Dennis Allen Ohio here for David's course on BIGWARE.
I took Nancy, David and Rick to Toronto to do some ceramic terrorism. We went to The Royal Ontario Museum , The Gardiner Ceramic Museum, Ash and Barrel Invitational and The Art Gallery of Burlington to see a show of David McKenzie and Maureen Marcotte- ( a must see show).
Let's start with Ai Weiwei- that show upset me and I think that is the intention. Breaking and painting antiquities seems a violation to those of us that hope our work gives love in someone's life. I just hope the pots were made in Fake Alley in Jingdezhen and the it is really just a bad joke.

I love this form and I do like the  colours of his room temperature glaze.

We went across the road to the ROM and I found a guy that likes handles more than I do. I am just a few hundred years behind him or her. The hit for me there was two Medieval jugs -wow!
David has to muscle a couple hundred pounds of clay this week so bacon and eggs is what the Doctor ordered and so did they.
Frankie's Greasy Spoon

Doc's head was cold in our 40 degree weather so we took him to a hair extension place. The guy said to come back in a couple of years. 
Rick "Doc" Agel

I must say I feel like a very lucky man to have all the love around me. So many friends and former students at Ash and Barrel.  Lots of hugs and lots of love. Wow what a power house show that was. So classy with beautiful flowers in everyone's work. And hey put a bar in a room of potters and pottery collectors and there was some serious wallet opening going on. 
Home now setting up for David's course. David handed me a gift from The Shibata's. I feel the love in my house. How thoughtful and delightful these two are. The clay community is so full of love. I can't think of any other group of people I'd rather be with. 
Sake and sake cups from Hitomi and Takuro Shibata- lovely!!


Anonymous said…
Artist's dates with friends are the best.
Anonymous said…
Can I grind up your old pots and sell them in glass jars?
It's the thought that really counts!

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