Getting Down

Uptown is being detoured by getting thru Downtown. My horoscope that I read religiously every Tuesday told me to start making plans to make money so that I can fulfill my dreams once this Plague has gone away.
Well Dear Abby my dreams have been fulfilled. I love making pots!. I love travelling and teaching! I love the people I hang with. I have love in my life. I am comfortable. Taking away my gigs and my pottery and my ability to travel has me staring at my bisque ware and wondering WTF to do with it.
I have always proclaimed that you should know how you are going to glaze and fire a piece before you actually make it. Well dammit anyways I made this work with wood firing in mind. I laid  a bit of it out on the table trying to come up with a new plan. Floating Blue, Rosie's Red, Waterfalls, oh shit I'm just killing these pots.
Wood firing for me has meant leaving clay exposed. I made this work with leaving clay exposed and minimal glazing.
At Pinecroft they have a gas glaze kiln going tomorrow. I have a few kiln wash glaze tests in it and some yunomi's that may or not make it to the Yunomi Show at Akar Gallery. Fingers, toes and legs crossed. I tossed a coin and what I did may be great or really terrible. If they are terrible you will never see them. The hammer has always been one of my best friends.
Downtown waiting for Uptown

Bacon anyone?

Big foot


Anonymous said…
Any Greek restaurants in the area doing take out?
Anonymous said…
Limit the size of your wood fire group, wear masks and face shields, remain 3 metres apart,
no hugs allowed, follow social distancing rules, plexiglass shields between people while eating or snacking, and protective clothing, and have at it.
Anonymous said…
Don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but I think you are out of luck this year.
I don't think things will be back to normal this year for a wood firing to happen.
Sad times all around.

If you are desperate you can always Raku?
Anonymous said…
Have you ever tried Obvara, "Baltic Raku"?

Anonymous said…
True success is figuring out your life and career so you never have to be around jerks.
John Waters
Anonymous said…
We all have to adapt, because in the fall flu and Covid-19 season will be coming back for a second wave.
Better do a safe, under 5 people firing in the summer.

Anonymous said…
Tony Live!

Are you going to be offering any online classes or workshops?

-desperately isolated clay student-

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