Bruce Almighty

Last night I attended the retirement of Bruce Cochrane after 31 years as the Ceramics teacher and Head of Ceramics at Sheridan College.
The party was at Dale Pareira's factory/home studio in Toronto.
Almost 10 years ago Sheila and I walked into a bar. Not like us at all!!! There sat Bruce with some of the legends of American clay- Soldner, Gustin etc, etc. He came over to our table and said can I sit with you? This is very much Bruce. He doesn't seek to rub shoulders with the famous. Last night there were some legends, Ron Meyers, Walter Ostrom, Steve Heinneman (Bruce's first student), Harlan House etc but 95% of the group of 75+ were his former students. The students have always been Bruce's preferred company.
We are all on pins and needles to see who is his successor. Really BIG shoes to fill. I'll miss the occasional lunch. I'll miss him coming up to me after a day when he knew I taught a long day and pass me a cup of tea at 6:30 pm. The tea had this peculiar smell of single malt whiskey.
Bruce is an exceptional guy! He is also one of the best potters in North America. I can't wait to see his work now that it is his primary focus.
Well done Bruce and Bon Feu!


Tracey Broome said…
I was sitting at the table one day at Arrowmont's clay conference having a bite to eat and Bruce came over, sat down, started chatting then Tom Turner came over, sat down, started chatting. I have no idea what we talked about, although I do remember later thinking that it was interesting! I was too busy trying to figure out why they were sitting with me and weren't sitting with all of the rock stars that were there! Bruce is in fact very humble and quite talented!
Tracey Broome said…
Ha! I'm just catching up on all the blogs from being on vacation. Read your comment on black velvet and Raku. Perfect comparison. THAT"S why I like Raku so much. I am a sucker for a black velvet painting! I have really good taste and I used to be an interior/set designer, but there is something that I just can't resist about tacky
stuff :) I used to have a black velvet Elvis that I would slip into sets every now and then just for fun!

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