Go Bowling!

I am soooooo frustrated with our current government I wanted to do a post on the G-20 summit but thought I'd rather not mix politics and art. So when frustrated and not in the most creative frame of mind - go bowling! Sheila and throwing bowls for a morning can more than fill our studio and our kiln. Today there will be a lot of trimming to do and of course as with most of our pots there will be handles. We put these fan type handles on the bowls that are then hung on the wall. The fan is not really a handle but more of a decorative touch. Something ya do when ya don't have to. The things that make the difference. The bowls are decorated with paper resist and a copper slip, shino glazed, sprinkled with ash and a few finger wipes thru the glaze.


Tracey Broome said…
My husband is a photographer for the Associated Press and he was right in the middle of the chaos at the G8. We have heard lots of stories from him today, he had some great pictures but what a mess! Chin up, the U.S. has you beat on a suck ass government :)
mugmkr said…
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