Clever Marketing!

One of our most successful galleries is the Burlington Arts Center. For the last two days the manager's brought the volunteers that sell our work to visit our studio and go out for a nice lunch here in Wine Country. This is clever marketing. The people that talk about your work have met you, had a tour of the studio and an explanation of the process. They can talk with familiarity of you and why your work is a good choice. How many tourist information booths have people working in them that have actually been to the place they are recommending. I demoed the making of a cup.
Over in the other corner is Sheila's wheel. Can you see why I like my new Thomas Stuart? The splash pan on those other wheels are made for amateurs. We're working potters and we need horses that work.


Chris said…
Tony, I use 2 wheels; one for throwing and one for trimming. The throwing wheel is a brent CXC with the "standard" splash pan. It gets cleaned about once a month. My other wheel is my trimming wheel that has my "custom" splash pan; 32-inches in diamater (it holds a 5 gallon bucket's worth of trimmings). I see an issue with the "splash pan" not the wheel.

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