Found Cat

At an informal critique of Sheila's student Audrey Nimmo's work I said I loved the architectural qualities of her pieces but that she should loose the cats. For me they add cutzie to the piece. So it is true you can't teach an ole cat new tricks. Audrey presented the piece to a Juried Show at the Carnegie Gallery curated by Steve Irvine and Ann Mortimer. They loved the cats so much Audrey was awarded with The Fusion Award. Congrats, Audrey for not letting your cats stray. Here is Audrey with a celebratory glass of wine.
So the moral of the story is if your piece gets turned down for this show save it for the next one. This year there were a lot of pieces that were groups of things. Two years ago the jurors said if a piece isn't strong enuff to stand on it's own why put 3, 6 or 10 of them together? My buddy Trevor Dunn calls this the baseball theory. Put one baseball on the wall and it's a baseball. Put 100 baseballs on the wall and it's a piece of art.
Once again, way to go Audrey! I'd still like to see you up the scale of the work and take the kitties to the ceramics pound. Before all you animal activist's jump on me I luv cats. Oh, and I guess you can't teach old dogs new tricks either! I'll buy Audrey's next beer at Chuggies!


Congratulations Audrey!!!

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