Outsourcing my life to India

You know the drill when it comes to being a potter. I'd say 90% of your time is spent doing none creative things. I had to get the car tire fixed, pick up glaze materials, make glazes, fire a bisque, sand and wax, make cone packs, mow the lawn- again! I get up early to walk my 4 kilometers and then the day begins. Before I know it we're on the deck grilling dinner and watching the sun go down. I'm thinking of having someone in India do all the above for me so that I can sit and have a cool beer and a bump, eat some peanuts, listen to the drone of the vuvuzela and watch World Cup Soccer. Definitely going to watch Britain tomorrow. The world smells an upset in the making. Soccer to the Brits is like hockey to a Canuck. I would wager that not a stitch of work will get done in the England tomorrow. Go Union Jack, go!


gz said…
correction.....England, not Britain....nothing to do with us :-)

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