Old Ladies flowers and a friend

June/July is a a nice time of year around the garden here. I do like lilies and the old ladies flowers that as a kid I used to see in the ditches by peoples mailboxes. The hollyhocks and trumpet vine have pretty well hidden the side of our studio. I must admit I never really looked at flowers until last year I rekindled an old friendship with a mentor of mine that dates back some 30 years. I taught at Metchosin International School of the Arts on Vancouver Island and Robin Hopper and I have continued a cyber friendship that has us e-mailing every couple of days. I even dragged him kicking and screaming onto Skype so that we can call one another once in awhile. When I don't hear from him I wonder!!! Maybe after the hectic last few years I've had it's time to stop, look and smell the flowers.


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