Elvis Lives

Well, I continue to take the heat from Sheila's class on my statement last year that raku is the black velvet painting of ceramics. So, I figured if I can't beat them, I'll join them. I took a couple of vases in crusty copper to fire. Audrey and her team of Hellions had a shrine set up for me. A raku vase, some tea light candles all presented on a black velvet table cloth with a little tribute.
We had great fun and I brought home my two vases. Ron and Hester Meyers from Georgia came to our place today for lunch and had a domestic over which of the two vases to buy. I told them not to fight that they could have both of them for $5000 for the pair.


John Post said…
Hey Tony, it's weird seeing your pots dressed up like a couple of cheap strippers in shiny clothes and big clear heels.

Does shino you took a trip the wild side of town?

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