One Fine Day

Yesterday in the words of Jim Cuddy was one fine day. We had lunch and pot talk with Ronnie the Rat and Hester Meyers of Georgia. They have a cottage on Lake Erie so summer visits are something we look forward to.
Then after dinner we went just down the road to Tawes Winery for a concert with Toronto musicians Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo fame, Kathleen Edwards(Asking for flowers) and a divine new voice from Edmonchuk - Colleen Brown. This is my idea of the civilized life. We bought a bottle of Tawes Gold Medal winning Chardonnay, sat in our lawn chairs, listened to great music while looking over the vineyards to a view of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. We live south of the Great Lakes. One thinks of all of Canada being north of the Great Lakes. Our little Niagara peninsula faces north to Toronto. When I first moved here I thought I was seeing Rochester. Life is good for those that know that life is good!!!


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