5 hot and dirty women

These 5 women are part of my wood firing team for the next year. 4 of 5 of them I have had my way with them. One vestal virgin to go.  I've warped and twisted their minds and lead them down this path of fire and brimstone. Well, I haven't lead exactly, but I have done all I can to keep them hot and dirty. It has been consensual, I promise.   4 of the 5 have been my students at Sheridan and now are part of a mentor ship program offered by the Hamilton Potters Guild. I am very pleased with this small legacy of mine. I have some damn fine people covering my well exposed ass. So from right to left we have Anne Marie, Catherine, Evelyn, Barb and Teresa. Two of my other Sheridan students Emma and Chris also part of the mentor ship program dropped in to help out. This is my retirement plan. Nurture some damn fine people to fire my pots when I am a arm chair wood firer.


Anne D said…
That armchair wood firer thing reminds me we all have to have something relaxing and easier to look forward to as we age... Smart investment!!
Pam Wiseman said…
Sounds like an excellent retirement plan. Someday hope to have my own small wood kiln. Addicted to fire!

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